Bite Me Mouthguards splits up


Dec 11, 2005
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It's was only a matter of time before you found out.

I've noticed in the past that there has been some questions and debates over which mouthguards are the best and why. I would like to introduce myself, give you a brief
history and answer any questions you may have regarding mouthguards. I realize there is a bit to read but hopefully when you are finished you will know who I am.


I've been in the Dental industry for 10 years. I started out in an entry level position as a technician at Glidewell Laboratories in the Thermoforming Department. Glidewell is the largest dental laboratory in the World, located in Newport Beach, California. I became a Master Technician of Thermoforming materials and went on to be Supervisor and later, Manager of a $6 million Thermoforming Department.

The Thermoforming Department manufactured Playsafe mouthguards. Reaching Japan, Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and Canada, Playsafe mouthguards are recommended by more dentists around the world than any other mouthguard. Working in the Thermoforming Department offered me the opportunity to participate and work closely with the American Academy of Sports Dentistry, The American Academy of Craniofacial Pain and the American Academy of Maxiofacial Pain where I learned the importance of Custom Manufactured Sports Mouthguards and the role they play in providing superior oral protection for sports athletes.

Combined with the knowledge of the potential dental trauma obtained from the different Academies and the material knowledge in the dental lab, I designed three additional guards to to the ones currently available in today's market but only obtainable through a Dentist. These three designs include the Hybrid, Mega and Boxing which I had named while in co-ownership of Apex Thermoforming and the product line of Bite Me Mouthguards. The names have been changed to Fusion, Pro and Boxing and are being manufactured under the authority of Professional Technologies and the the product name of Protech Mouthguards. These guards were produced to meet and exceed the needs of of today's top athletes and MMA Fighters. They have been tested by athletes around the world and have been a favorite of many well known MMA Fighters.

The materials we use are of the highest quality possible with the lowest level of impurities. Starting from the impression material we use to take accurate and complete impressions of your teeth to the individual layers of material used to manufacture the guards, we maintain the strictest policy of maintaining the highest quality components that go into each and every guard. The machinery used to manufacture the guards are state of the art and periodically revised by it's manufacturer in order to maintain the highest level of production possible. These practices are in place to insure a comfortable, high quality,
protective mouthguard.
I was wondering if something was going on. Your name was almost always the one that was mentioned when discussion of Bitme products came up. Then, suddenly, Joe started posting as the Biteme rep. w/ no mention of you. That, coupled w/ the fact that the website is now "under construction" and someone complained about getting a custom mouthguard from Biteme w/ pen lines showing on the fangs (seemed unusual) gave me an idea that there must something going on over there.

From Joe's earlier post, it sounds like Biteme will continue on, too??? If so, best of luck to both you and Joe.
Out of curiosity,

What will happen to all outstanding orders?
I will be finishing up on all guards arrived prior to January 1st.
Fat Wilhem

Joe is a great guy. I'm sure he will carry on. I just will not be making guards with him.
So is Protech Mouthguards your new company? If so is there a site you got or no?
Fox MMA will be up and running hopefully tomorrow. If not then the next day.Finishing up on the website right now. Better prices all the way around. I will also be releasing newer and better guards in the future.
wow the mouthguard business is getting crowded its great having choices though it used to be just opro or biteme now we have gladiator and protech too
Good to see you on here Tom. For those who don't know, Tom was the person making all the guards for Biteme, including such fighters as Liddell, Couture, Sanchez, Quarry, Leben, all of team quest, etc..He has personally made 2 for me, the latest is the fang mouthguard and I'll post pics a little later.
any starting out specials by chance for those who wanna be part of the ground floor?

I can tell you that I've been making these guards for over ten years and am still making guards for fighters even today. Nothing has changed but the name and a new website. I don't see this as being the ground floor.......just a new building. I have however brought the prices down considerably. I think you will all be pleasantly suprised.
TomCold said:
Fox MMA will be up and running hopefully tomorrow. If not then the next day.Finishing up on the website right now. Better prices all the way around. I will also be releasing newer and better guards in the future.

Hope both of you have good patent lawyers.
Fat Wilhem ,

Yea the last guards you were seeing were made by Tom and that was the complaint. That will be corrected in the future. Tom has a great knowlage of mouthguards but did not have any knowlage OF THE GAME. That is how Bite Me got started I competed in wrestling and Ju-Jitsu for over 20 years so with his knowlage and mine we combined and that is where Bite Me came from. I will continue and my prices also came down so it looks like everyone will be competing for the business. I have over 14 years in the dental industry working for the same lab as Tom and also chairside with one of 35 fellows in implantology and still work chairside to this day. As far as only seeing my post at that time we were still doing business as Bite Me and that was my job. I guess I did it well. If anyone wants to get the real story on what happened I would be more then happy to disscuss them in private with them. As you can see there are still some issues out standing.

Unfortunately you can't patent a mouthguard.

In response to Joe's attempt to stand as an equal I will tell you this. I do know mouthguards very well. I did create with my background the Hybrid, Mega and Boxing mouthguard before Bite Me ever came into existance. I am learning the sport to the best of my abilities and hopefully as time goes on will be able to learn more. Yes Joe did work at the same Lab as I and I can count the years on one hand. Joe to you I ask? What was your job description? Who did you work for? Have you ever been a technician? Have you ever made more than 20 mouthguards in your life and who taught you? Oh yes Joe. I owe it all to you.
If anyoneone would like to know what happened then why not ask here? Why offer your one sided story on a private level. I'm not perfect by any means but I'm not ashamed of my mistakes. I never said I was competing for business only for quality product.
Tom, you and I both know the knowledge I have. I realize this is an open forum but if there is something you want to disscuss with me then call me.
Play nice lads, I don't want to have to call the men with orange names.

Hopefully this will actually allow me to get a mouthguard without having to sell all my teeth first to afford one.
Either one of you who can answer, is it possible to have a fanged mouthguard made specifically for Boxing purposes? I've never seen one if so, and this is no knock on MMA, but in Boxing you tend to get hit a lot more and I would love to have one that won't shred my lips.

And like Superbeast, I'd like to avoid selling my teeth, I'd be willing to sell my fingernails though.

Oh yeah and please do play nice. G&E has had enough drama as of late with Companies.
King Kabuki said:
Oh yeah and please do play nice. G&E has had enough drama as of late with Companies.

+1 play nice or Phenom will slap a flying armbar on both of the same time :eek:
Of course one can be made for boxing with fangs.