Bisping vs Dolloway needs to happen

I want to know what voodoo magic did CB perform to be granted a good chin for this fight. A one legged Mayhem was rocking him and how he can shrug off powershots?




I find it confusing that CB Dolloway is usually on the main card and all of his fights end up being televised, even if he isn't on the main card. It's like upper management has a hard on for this guy. Is he related to Dana or something?
not sure if serious.
I was shocked to hear that Dolloway has something like a dozen fights in the UFC already.

Good thread, TS. :icon_lol:
Well at the very least its a solid rebound fight for Bisping.
Well, if he's fighting Bisping then sherdog logic dictates; Dollaway by whatever he wants.
If you want to see Bisping one punch KO someone that bad, just let him move up to HW and fight Schaub..
Yeah that's right, the fans are really hanging out for this one!
People asked for this in 2010... 2013.

Now the rankings:

8 Michael Bisping
9 CB Dollaway

Bring it!
you knwo hell has frozen over when sherdog is clamoring for fights between tuf'ers.