Media Bisping tells DDP to accept that Chimaev is the no.1 guy for next titleshot

UFC forgot to give the memo to Chael also to make a few videos on why Chimaev should be next in line for the MW title fight. That is if he can squeeze it somewhere between his Ngannou and boxing hit job videos that UFC pays him so much to do
I want to see Chimaev fight someone like Jared or Rob that are real tests at MW before he even sniffs a TS. Cause we all know Costa isn't reliable and Vettori would just be a punching bag.
I rather DDP try to move up to fight Alex. Khamzat getting the belt is terrible for that division. He seems to have a visa issue so he can't fight much as a champion. If they want to make an UAE belt then for sure give him that belt.
my god how can someone say so much without saying anything at all.
Ping's whole goal is to get the video to 8 mins so he can cram the full amount of adverts in there and upload.

That’s Chanel Sonnen. Bisping might state the obvious but Chael is just taking the piss….