Biggest complaints on tournies ?


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Mar 7, 2005
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thinking of putting on a tournament . With 8 man pro division for a cash sum .. to draw in competitors from further away .

need Ideas on how to make it run smoother and be better for consumer.

what are main complaints or suggestions..

besides unorganized brackets and bad run times .. and political judging .
free registration, free food, complimentary hotel

or have it in a tempur-pedic warehouse so all the people waiting can pass out. it will be quietest tournament in history
Plus a waiting room for spouses and kids.. cause grappling can be boring as hell to watch. This ain't a spectator sport.
even though you're aware of it, having your shit together and running on time is the biggest tournament issue I have.
First tourney I attended, rules meeting was set for like 10:45... didn't happen until 1:30.
I didn't even get to roll until 5:30 that evening.

So yeah, plan ahead so people don't spend all day waiting around.
and charging to come in to watch? at least provide one juice box along with admission.
Start the Pro division first that way we all can go home...
pre-reg only. this way it's organized and you know how many people you have
matches that run latye and u warm up 3 times before u compete
Have food available that isn't a huge fucking rip off.
Make sure it's legal to hold a submission grappling/BJJ event in your state. Nothing like getting shut down at the 11th hour because someone at the athletic commission doesn't understand the sport.

Also, when you're planning your schedule, build in a little bit of a buffer. You can't control everything (imagine having 6 mats and one of them having a guy with a fractured arm on it for an hour or so before the EMTs can move him). That's going to cut into your schedule, so you need to be prepared for things like that.

Schedule advanced/upper belts before lower belts. Nothing like coaching for 6 or 7 hours and then trying to compete after all that.

Invest in good referees.

Making brackets ALWAYS takes longer than you think it will take. ALWAYS.
Make sure you have spare refs...almost every time I've seen an empty mat it was because there weren't enough refs (they need to take breaks).
Make sure you have spare refs...almost every time I've seen an empty mat it was because there weren't enough refs (they need to take breaks).

Very important! Refs want to compete and also usually need to coach their students/teammates.
id say take away the clock but with the amount of competitors at these shows that seems impossible
sandbagging also, nothing is worse than going against a guy with 5 years experience when your a beginner
and some shows i know of dont allow judo throws or suplex's so definitely allow those
i second''mikey triangles'',one of the reasons the pan-ams run so smooth for thousands of competitors is the pre-regs,your brackets are up the day before you go...
Have two separate divisions on each mat. That way everyone gets to fight relatively soon. The worst is being in +100 and waiting around forever.