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Jul 16, 2005
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Before I begin, I want to make it know that I have no beef with Sherdog. I might be a white belt, and have not made many posts but I have been reading these messages boards for quite some time. I find it extremely fustrating that the servers are busy all the time. I think Sherdog needs a major Server Update!!!! Then nobody will have to hope and pray there threads will appear when they click on the respective link!!! :icon_surp
we need to start a donation thread for a new faster server
Atnan said:
we need to start a donation thread for a new faster server

I'm all for it. It seems as though there has been a pretty good surge on the forums lately.
sadly it was just updated about 3 months ago. seems unlikely we have the money anytime soon for another
Yea i love sherdog and have also been reading it for some time but it does need a much much larger server.Im all for the donation idea
If you would like to donate and help the site get upgraded, then become a platinum member. It's not expensive and browsing the forums becomes instantly faster being that you're pop-blocker doesn't have to strain itself to block all the pop-ups and pop-downs and whatever else anymore. None of that underlined advertise text either.

Yeah really, all you guys saying you'll make donations, how about ponying up and paying for your memebership first if you haven't already?
Is anyone here sure these forum problems are based on hardware issues alone. Many times problems like this can be an issue with the BB coding itself or perhaps the SQL backend. With the number of users here I would be shocked if their arent some top notch DBA's/coders which could sort these problems out.
The problems are not hardware problems. We cleaned up the database this weekend by deleting old posts and some of the 0-post users who haven't logged in in a year. It should be running more smoothly now.
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