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Big Red

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May 19, 2005
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I've been uncomfortable at the weight I'm at which I've been for a good year. I've been lifting for a while but as the term is thrown round so loosely, I too, will say I've been lifting "seriously" for roughly a year. My cardio & diet is poor but I've got a new regime.

Height: 5 ft 11
Body Fat:?
Weight: 14 stone/ 196 lbs/ 90kg

I'm quite serious about competitng in BJJ & when I kick Muay Thai off, I would probably like to compete in that sport aswell.

My Current workout is:

Sun: Chest & Triceps
Mon: Off
Tues: BJJ
Wed: Biceps & Back
Thurs: BJJ
Fri: Shoulders & Legs
Sat: BJJ & Muay Thai

(pointlessly coloured coded :(.) I'll be doing 20 min HIIT sessions on a Friday. I want to drop the fat I have & I think the interval training will work well with BJJ. Sunday or the other gym day I'll do 40 minute endurance session on Treadmill, bike or eliptical cross trainer. There is no specific reason I picked Friday for my HIIT session, I just will keep it a regular day & maybe tweek my cardio around a bit after a month or so. I also find my legs feeling dead if I've been squatting etc after I do a heavy cardio workout.

I understand losing weight isn't all about making a thread & creating a diet you won't stick too. I am planning to eat a decent amount of protein, drop pointless carbs & full fat sodas and opt for diet sodas & fruit instead of snacking. I'll be taking Creatine aswell. I'll probably drop in here monthly with my weight or even weekly..

for now..196 lbs & wanting to drop 1-2 lbs a week. I would like to be around 190 lbs this time next month. The only slight set backs I see is I've got to have an operation which will require around 2 weeks rest. I feel if I keep my diet in check I should be cool.

Wish me luck.
Also, to add, I'll be working every day of my flexibility. Even on my off day I'll have a stretching session just to hopefully improve my flexibility. I'll also as often as I can practice some basic drills for BJJ such as (with my punch unhooked):

Switching positions (knee on belly, left to righ, side control to mount, vice versa, etc)
Gi chokes & some submissions (it is diffucult but I'll throw one of my old gi's around it, I think practicing the positions may help even though its not a real opponent)
Hip movement (practicing triangles & armbars from guard position)
Armbar escape

This above will be awkward, but I feel at least drilling the movements will aid me in my real training. I'll just look silly to my neighbours when they see that I've progressed from striking my puch bag to grappling with it.
^ + rolling such as forward rolls, kartwheels, backwards rolls, roll sideways against a wall etc.