Big Nog Meets The Driver Who Ran Him Over As A Child


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Jan 11, 2011
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The day had started with a party. The family Nogueira was all gathered at the house of a friend to celebrate the birthday of a relative. Rodrigo and Rogerio - who have not yet had the nicknames of Minotauro Nogueira and - playing with boys his age. A truck stopped in front of the house gained the attention of the boys, and everyone climbed back in the car to have fun with the new "toy".

- We were having fun. Out of curiosity, we jumped in the truck open, and the driver started the truck. When he called, all children jumped out the side of the bucket. I jumped through the bottom, and he shifted the rear gears-he recalls.When jumping, Rodrigo fell back on the asphalt and froze when he saw the truck going in his direction. Brother Roger still tried to warn, but without success. The next few seconds were unforgettable for both.

- I began to see that wheel passing over it slowly. Above the foot of the leg. When I looked, it seemed that the truck was going over a spring break. The adrenaline was such that he felt no pain, but fell to the ground as soon as the rose - remembers Minotouro.

From there it was a rush. Elpidio Uncle, who is a doctor and was at the party, made the first on-site service. Arriving at the hospital, the medical team was already in place to try to save the life of a boy of only 11 years.

The surgery was a success. With a revolutionary technique - the muscle of the back was amended with the diaphragm so he continued to breathe without problems - the doctors were able to save the boy's life. There were 11 months of recovery and healing. It was the first victory of life of Minotauro.

The reunion

Twenty Five years later, the "Sports Spectacular" Rodrigo put face to face with the driver. They had never met, Rosing and R​
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I believe "fit the aft macha" would mean "shifted to the rear gear"?

That would actually make sense. ;-)
WHY IS HE bigger when they're identical twins... Perhaps the truck had powers.
This is a nice story, really.

Getting run over by that truck makes Nog a Boss.
If Nog wouldn't have tried to feed the truck a carrot he wouldn't have gotten run over.
You guessed right.

That's my massive intellect at work. :icon_twis

Seriously though, I'm off to the Google translate with this, fascinating story.

So far it's seems like this was mostly Child Nog's fault?
WHY IS HE bigger when they're identical twins... Perhaps the truck had powers.

He probably got more nutrients while he was in the womb. All the twins I've met have been like that.
It would be awesome if someone who speaks Portuguese translates the whole article.Pleeease.:icon_chee