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Aug 14, 2011
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This forum is for betting talk only. No flaming, no soliciting, and no links to external sites that solicit. All Sherdog rules apply:

Before creating a thread, please search through the board to ensure that one doesn't already exist. Sports conversation goes in sports threads only, fight conversation goes in that fight card's thread only. All other talk in the discussion thread, or thread for that event.

Thanks, enjoy the forum.
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The betting forum is actually shaping up pretty nicely people are starting to get the hang of it!

We're already seeing how many posts would've been in the one thread (by virtue of how much interest there is in other sports betting and in future Mma discussion)

Please try to post in the right thread if you can.. I.e. if a fight is on the AJ-Bader card, post it there

It's easy adjustment for people, I think

I'm having to move a few more posts than I would like, hehe. I'm happy to help here, but I didn't ask for the job! So it'd be appreciated ;)

Liking the layout, personally
No one is above anyone else in here. please don't make threads for your specific bets.

if you want to discuss an upcoming fight, please post it in the event thread in which that fight takes place.

if no such thread exists, post in the future lines thread.
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