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Better to live on WI or IL side of border- taxes?

Discussion in 'Mayberry Lounge' started by HockeyBjj, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. HockeyBjj Putting on the foil

    Jun 26, 2012
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    Posting this in the Mayberry as doing it in the warrom would end up in a right/left bullshit flame fest rather than simply how it affects day to day life and monthly budget.

    Anyway, wife got a job right on the WI side of the border. I just got one 20 minutes away in IL. I figured living in WI would be better for lower income tax but to my surprise, discovered IL has much higher sales and property tax, but their income tax is actually lower. We'll be renting for 3-5 years while paying down student debt so home buying isn't an issue

    Where would you rather live from that regard? WI lower sales tax and generally known as a lower tax state, but in reality IL has lowest income tax which would increase my take home pay. That fact really surprised me and apparently is a misconception. WI though has a tax deduction for paying rent, and with IL borderline bankrupt I am worried about them raising (I think it went up a full percent 16 to 17) income taxes in the near future.

    Also, I own an AR-15 I'd prefer not to have to neuter California style. I believe only Deerfield IL has gone crazy, but 10+ round mag bans are looming in IL and I'd also have to use only my compact carry pistol mags and not the full sized stick outes with the plastic grip piece. On the flip side of the gun question, only IL residents can get conceal carry permits in IL and they don't recognize any other state's. An IL CCW would allow me to carry in both IL and WI (and MN and anywhere else), while living in WI i'd have to keep it in my under the drivers seat safe across the border.

    Hoping to here from people with experience. Getting rather conflicting information just googling
  2. sub_thug Silver Belt

    Oct 31, 2008
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    It’s not a binary decision. You can live in IL for the lower income tax, if that’s going to save you money versus a lower property tax in WI. It might be worth driving the extra 10 min on the weekend to do your grocery shopping in WI to save on the sales tax, assuming you live in IL and the extra driving is worth it for the savings.

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