Best way for BJ to beat Sherk is the Rubber Guard


Jan 6, 2008
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We have all seen BJ play with rubber guard once and while but I think if he truley plays rubber guard in this fight it might be the best way to set up subs on Sherk.

Sherk is going to look get top position any way he can, even in the he can GnP BJ and get the TKO. I mean that much is no secret.....but BJ can totally stop Sherk from doing that by using rubber guard. Break his posture and hold him down until he gets frustrated and makes the mistake of posturing up into a gogoplata or omoplata....or he will throw a wild punch with his free hand looking to score points and BJ can catch him in the triangle!

All Eddie Bravo nuthugging aside...I seriously think this is the best way for BJ to control the fight, frustrate Sherk and set up subs. I dont think BJ should play this fight from his back but I DO think that if he does end up on his back he should look for rubber guard.
Hahaha, nice fix. Trickster you should edit it.
BJ will school Sherkanyway he wants.

His gameplan is to take Sherk down, mount him and lick the blood of his face while he is punding his face.

At least that what BJ said in the UFC event trailer.

Seriously, BJ is better than Sherk in all aspects of fighting and his cardio should be fine.

BJ's game off his back is unique and more mobile than the rubberguard, so no need for Penn to limit himself.
Shouldn't this go in the HW forum?
not unless he can quickly pull a gogoplata or that invisible collar thing, otherwize sherk will win by nandrolone-fueled lay 'n pray. i think bj's plan is, if he is put on his back is to get out of there
No, he'll take the back.
Take the BJ penn "Win anyway he wants" nuthugging BS to the HW forum with the 400 other threads on this.
the fight will go exactly like this:

rd. 1

BJ messes Sean up on the feet. Sherk has good technical boxing, but his T-Rex arms aren't going to counteract BJ's reach and power.

Midway Sherk gets frustrated and shoots in for a single. He scoops BJ's leg HIGH up in the air and BJ basically does a standing split. BJ hops around effortlessly, throwing a few punches to Seans face, while on one foot.

Round 1 ends with Sean unable to get the takedown.

rd. 2

Sean tries to muscle BJ into the fence, but BJ parries with his jab, then unleashes a shot of his own and takes Sherk down.

the crowd goes wild.

BJ passes Sherk's guard like nothing, mounts, and starts raining down punches. Sherk tries to cover up, but he can't deal with his power. He raises an arm straight up, begging for BJ to take the armbar, but Penn brushes it aside and continues to punch him in the nose.

Sherk desperately bucks and gives up his back. BJ continues to hit him, until he decides the time has come. He traps Sherk's left arm with one of his hooks, applies the RNC, and Sean taps.
I think superman would beat batman because he can leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Take the BJ penn "Win anyway he wants" nuthugging BS to the HW forum with the 400 other threads on this.

It's my belief and I usually don't make such over the top statements.

But in this case I do.

So cry me a river...
Yeah but Superman gave Batman that kryptonite ring in case he ever goes apeshit. :icon_chee

yeah but does batman always carry around a kryptonite ring...maybe from 300 yds away superman fires some heat vision and gives batman a labotomy.
Take the BJ penn "Win anyway he wants" nuthugging BS to the HW forum with the 400 other threads on this.

A. This DOES have to do with BJJ so F U!

B. I didnt mention "BJ winning anyway he wants" so your response isnt even warranted!

Why dont you grab your BJJ belt and hang yourself with it! :D


reference above - superman is overrated - people need to get off his nuts

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