Best TDs against very large opponents? (300+)?


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Feb 8, 2006
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I am just wondering what you guys have found to be the most effective takedown techniques when going up against a very large oppoenent. I know its pretty rare to see guys around this size, but for those who have rolled with any very large guys id like to hear what worked for you.
flying turtle?

haha, I agree with the armdrag to tani otoshi. I usually get owned when I fight big guys so I have no idea haha. Double underhooks, with a kosoto gake might work nicely, though you have to watch out for the reversal. Ouchi gari might be nicee too.

Head inside/sweep single, then peek out. Money against guys that big. They get overly concerned with pressuring down, and/or trying to lock up a guillotine.
Arm-drag to leg pickup/single leg. I've seen Shaolin do this a bunch, that's where I got the idea. I'm posting from my phone, so I can't do video but I'm sure youtube will provide.
^^ I agree. Ankle picks all day son!
+3 Ankle pick and work the transition to side control. Hold that Mofo down long enough to arm bar.

I usually get to the back, roll him up to the side, slide my arm under, lock my arm at the elbow to his elbow, knee to the rib, slide the leg around the head, and stretch out the arm before he X's.

Since he's bigger, you need to work it quick.
If you're under 150 lbs. I would recommend either a .308 or 30-06. Most effective against the big guys. :D
Might get you DQed from the absolute division, though... at least I think it would be frowned upon...:rolleyes: