Best running routine for beginner?


Aug 30, 2005
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I am way overweight. I weigh about 210lbs and am 6' tall. All of my fat is stored from the bottom of my neck to the bottom of my waist. I have huge love handles, a big gut, and man-boobs. I would like to tone up before the holidays hit. My work and school schedule keeps me pretty busy:


Monday: Work 7-3 at an office job.
Tuesday: Work 7-3. Go to school from 4:30-10:30PM
Wednesday: Work 7-3. Go to school from 4:30-10:30PM
Thursday: Work 7-3 at an office job.
Friday: Work 7-3 at an office job.
Sat: Off
Sun: Off

Sometimes I have to work weekends. I definitely do not have time to do anything after work or school on Wednesdays or Thursdays. So these either need to be my days off, or I should start doing cardio in the morning.


I had a workout regimen for about a month an a half. I got really bad shin splints and had to quit running altogether. My leg muscles "burn out" before I get winded, on light jogs.

Can someone help me get a running routine worked out that will slowly ease me into it, so I don't hurt my legs again and have to quit?

Also: Right now, it is 100+ degrees here in Texas most of the day.

Thanks in advance for any help.
You can expect a certain amount of discomfort when start any new routine. Remembering to warm up, stretch out and cool down will help.

For running programs, search for 'hit' or 'interval' training. Short but intense work outs. You'll have to find <30 minutes (including shower time) 3 times a week and a nice strip of grass to run on. You can probably set your alarm for 30 earlier on MWF and get it done.

If sprints don't appeal to you right now, look up a beginners 5K training program. The Runners World site has some good idea for programs. May as well tie your running to a goal by picking a local 5K to enter.

If you are going to run, head to a RUNNNING shoe store staffed by runners with a clue. Have them measure your foot, look at your stride and recommend a shoe for you.

You don't have to run to loose weight. Are there any other physical activites you enjoy like basketball, bike riding, swimming... if so how about doing that for 30 minutes 3 times a week. Playing a game is a more fun way to exercise for most people than pounding out mileage.

Take a look at your diet as well. A few small changes could make a huge difference. Example: substitiute water, flavored water or ice tea for soft drinks (save 150 calories/can). Switch from the extra venti frappacino with extra whipped cream to the small size nonfat version without the whip or simple coffee. Big ol' calorie savings.
Thanks for the suggestions. I did HIIT before, and it fit me well, i just got burnt out fast.

As for diet, I keep it pretty well in-check, but I have let it slip a little bit. I drink diet soda, water, and green tea. I need to cut back on the diet soda's, however.

I have eliminated my worst nightmares, pizza and ice cream. I try to limit simple carbs and sugars as much as possible. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and snack in between with yogurt, sugar free Jello, and natural peanut butter. they have a couch to 5K program. Maybe that will give you some ideas. If your shins are hurting that bad......maybe try different shoes....or a different running surface. I have a hard time running on some surfaces even with extensive just try some different things and don't give up!!