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best pre-workout energy booster


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Apr 3, 2005
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I am looking for some good recommendations on what to take pre-workout to boost my energy levels.
I am not talking about rockstar or redbull, and I am not looking for a fat burner.
Looking hopefully for a power mix or even pills,but I would prefer liquid form.

I have seen some things about myogenix "hyper shock."

Oh ya and I already did a search.
Anything I've taken simply has caffeine in it which obviously gives you energy. I like the following two PreWO drinks:

- NO-Xplode by BSN
- Buzz Saw from True Protein

Buzz Saw is really cheap and I believe is the better of the two since it also contains BCAA's.
eat some granola. I have had some success with Black Powder from GNC.
does no-xplode did you the jitters or anxiety like some supplements tend to give people?
No Explode is rough for some people, also Black powder, Nano Vapor is high in Niacin and can make you very flushed. All are similar.

However I hope Xyience gets it together the NOXCG 3 was the best for MMA because it gave the energy and recovery without tearing up your stomach. It is avaiable at some GNC's as of now

Other wise NanoX9 pills from Muscletech (GNC)
Are you singing the praises of both Xyience and Muscletech in the same thread?
Yeah but just a few products in each Not one line has all the product best
NoxCG 3= L argine, creatine and glutamine
Great for longer workouts and recovery

NanoX9 Pill form of L arginine with a great delivery system for longer harder workouts
Yeah Xyience has a lot of issues right now that is why I said I hope they get it together a FEW of thier formulas are great. Hello I am aware of they issues with some of their Items as in SHerks joint formula from them had traces of Steriod (not the one type they say he tested positive for) NoxCG3 is one of the few great ones
I think the major issue is that you are paying for advertising and can construct a superior product for less yourself. They do have shiny packaging though.
Actually funny I can take slams- not thin skinned

Well, then hopefully you can consider this advice without thinking it's a personal attack on you, cause it's not.
Xyience is overpriced crap exploiting gullible MMA fans through their affiliation with the UFC and WEC.
Muscletech is overpriced crap using bodybuilders to push the same thing you can get in a plain container for 1/2 the cost.

Neither one is any higher quality than the same ingredients under another name, they just have the endorsements of higher-profile athletes to push it and charge the consumers for the sponsorship of those athletes.
Yeah if you take the time and if the things you add together are not more than the product

anyways personal opinions aside I hope original poster finds what works for him because everyone is different. As said in previous post what the main ingredients are so good luck!