Best Judo night.



Tonight, I had the best class of my life. Let me do a quick run through.
First we had warmup, of course. After that, we started out with uchikomi. We did throws up and down the mat length wise, ippon seionage first. I was having some trouble with it, and it was quickly corrected by one of my instructors. After doing that 4 times, we switched and did o soto gari. That was another throw that I was finding difficult to complete, but I did better tonight after watching and studying some clips of Dave Camarillo's lesson online.

After that, we did arm drags to ushiro kesa gatame (reverse scarf hold) from the turtle position. Next, we did SINGLE LEG TAKEDOWNS into taking someone's back. We trained that for a good 1/2 an hour, then jumped into the single leg counter, ala sprawl and crossface. Then we drilled it against resisting opponents.

After this, we did ground drills. I got to roll with JIMMY PEDRO for about half an hour before being subbed by a cross juji from his pin in kesa. Most of the time I was in his guard, which I think he was doing to teach me some things (the hard way of course.) I tried a few cartwheel guard passes, but he just kept on me the whole time. It was really an honor to roll with him.

Another plus about tonight is I got to work with some higher belts and they helped me with my pins. Tonight I also scored my FIRST katagatame against a resisting opponent while rolling. I went from sidemount, to mount, to katagatame. It was awesome.
While facing a signifigantly bigger opponent at the end of the night, I ended up pulling RUBBER GUARD into a triangle! He was in my guard and I was desperatly trying to do an omoplata. I started pulling my leg from behind him to get in the right position, but it was hopeless. Suddonly, I realised I was in rubber guard, and saw my leg was open to swing through. I just slapped it on, and it worked! Props to Eddie Bravo.

I'm just loving Judo. Sorry about the forum splurge.
The fact that you got to roll with Pedro is just awesome in itself.
I love jimmy pedros judo tech book. i check it out all the time and it has taught me alot
lucky u got to roll with the guy. how big is he I am just curious what weight division he wud be in
while things sound dandy over there, i think my coaches hate me or something for being a rogue member that's come from another club. guess i gotta start pledging my alligence by hitting some comps or something
Hammer Time said:
lucky u got to roll with the guy. how big is he I am just curious what weight division he wud be in

I believe he competes at -73kg.