Best Gloves for training with my brother?


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Mar 19, 2008
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Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and will start off apologizing for the question.

I have a nice training area w/ mats set up in my basement for jiu jitsu already and am going to start taking muay thai classes with my brother so we are better rounded in MMA. My question is what kind of gloves would you recommend we go with to use at home? My ideas that I've gathered from the site so far have led me to these 2:

Hayabusa 16 oz sparring glove
and the Fairtex #FGV15 sparring glove....

The Fairtex has open fingers so we could grapple as well but doesn't mention how much they weigh so I'm not sure how much less padding there would be for striking. I was thinking of picking up some face guards to compensate for that and just going at it with the lighter fairtex gloves.

Does Fairtex have a comparable sparring glove to the 16 oz Hayabusa? Are their #BGV1's comparable? Is a sparring glove the same as a training glove? They look like different types of gloves when viewing the pictures.

Thanks for the help. Hopefully I can pay it back in the future.
if your going to work a lot of striking you need a boxing glove if you want to throw with any force
i just saw this deal now
50 bucks for the ringside internationals is a great deal you can get that and the fairtex mma gloves for working the ground for about the same price as the hayabusa
Truth fightwear makes a great glove for training. It has like 1.5 inches of padding on the knuckles. I do agree that training with mma gloves (even the training ones) you should go lighter than if you are using boxing gloves.
Depending on what you are doing, you may need a couple of different pairs of gloves. You may need some Boxing gloves if you are going to a lot of stand up, and some mma safety training gloves for your ground work. Combat Sports makes alot of high quality gloves that should meet all of your needs
16 oz boxing gloves.

shooto style gloves.

you're all set. Don't go 100% though, 50% at most