Best exercises for explosive strength?

sergeant sambo

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Apr 7, 2005
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I am looking for exercises that will specifically build my explosive strength for Judo throws and Wrestling slams. Currently, I do deads, squats, and clean & jerks, but am looking for other ideas....possibly outside of the Powerlifting/Olympic Lifting realm (if there are any).
Good thread. i was wondering if there were ways to target and improve this aspect.
The best exercise to get explosive strength is not weight training. Practice the techniques thousands of times, over and over again, and practice popping your hips when you do it. You'll generate more power with great technique than you will by trying to muscle a guy. In wrestling we do explosion drills, where you just practice a particular motion (like a throw) and practice it dozens of times in a row with maximum speed and power. That's how you develop the explosiveness.
Take steroids. and practice Plyometrics
kettle bell workouts are much much better than normal weightlfiting for grappling strenghth.
TriangleFart said:

why my jiu jitsu instrucor has been training with Pavel Tsatsouline, who is advertised on that site and he says his jiu jitsu strength has increased phenomally.
Whenever you want to go explosive on someone, imagine that he is in red colored clothes. You will be as explosive as a bull.
40 yard sprints with 20 second break each time. You should be able to do 12 to 15 in 5 minutes.
Practice explosive movements in a pool, the extra resistance will help with strength and with balance. Plus any workout in a pool is tiring and great for you.
sergeant sambo said:
Any strong Judoka's out there? What are your opinions?

Deadlift, squats (box squats for speed, but max effort squats are still important for the development of power) good morings, bent over row, pullups with a towel and overhead press are the best lifts for judo (or pretty much any sport you are competing in). Lift heavy and fast and you will find your explosiveness increasing. For judo in particular, strengthening the lower back, hips and grip should be of primary importance. Go to the strength and power board and read the stickies.
pushups and situps

crab crawls, bear crawls and more pushups
Wrestler_Piper said:
Can you describe a bear crawl? thanks

hands and feet touching the ground, nothing else. Kind of like a pushup position with your ass in the air. then you run around like that. But those kinds of exercises aren't any good for explosive power, they're for sustained use of a set of muscles, which is also important for grappling, but it's not gonna make you any more explosive.