Best closed guard dvd instructional???


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Nov 29, 2003
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I am a closed guard player though not by choice. For some reason my legs can stay locked together most of the time, no matter what the other guy tries to do. This helps a lot when I keep the opponent close to me and go for armbars/triangles/omoplatas etc. I know Roger Gracie is the best in the world with the closed guard and I watch him as much as possible, but I was wondering what are some good instructionals with good submissions and to a lesser extent sweeps from the closed guard? Thanks for any recommendations.
Baret Yoshida's tapes are probably the best closed guard tapes I've seen (especially no-gi), but they are hard to find and only on VHS.
baret yoshida's stuff is really good. he uses a lot of extra little movements to get the triangle locked and the finish the armbar...stuff like that. however, he does do a pretty shitty job explaining himself, imo, so pay attention!!!
Yeah, he's really nervous in front of the camera and doesn't explain the move very well, but I got a lot out of watching how he does stuff, like using his knees to block and turn their head or how he steps and hooks while setting things up.
Saulo Riberio is good IMO. Learned alot from that no-gi revolution video.