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Best Approach to a Liver Shot


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Jul 24, 2005
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I did a search and people only discussed what causes the KO

What do you guys think is the best approach for a liver shot? And Technique ?

I currently practice setting up with maybe 2 right straights and then ill curve basically almost doing a left hook to the body. When i practice this on the bag, i dont feel like my punch has alot of power behind it.

Also kicks, what approach do some of you guys reccomend?
iuse a fake right low kick and then when he ies trying to check the kick i do the liver shot

BTW i was koed friday with one of these..man i really prefer to take a headshot that a livershot
Use your right hand to pull awya your opponents gaurd and blast him with your left
Either right hand high (it can be a feint) to left hook low, or slip the right hand and counter with the left hook low. Either way you gotta get his hands up.
Simple jab, cross to the head is what works best for me
Right straight to the fight to get the hands up and the left hook or left round house to the liver withh definitely do the shot. of course you can add more combinations such as the jab, right straight, throw the right round house to the legs then blast with a left hook or left round kick to the liver.
Southpaw stance is better for landing liver shots against a normal stance fighter correct? Just wondering because I'm a lefty and seem to land lots of mid kicks and I'm assuming they are near the liver. I just need to work on kick strength for some KO's.
A Double jab followed by a liver shot also works for me.
I like slipping the cross then using a left uppercut to the liver, on an orthadox opponent.
Bas must be smiling somewhere right now ;-) Knees to the liver are killer too.
Why not set up a liver kick?

I KOed a student with a liver kick during the summer and hurt one last weekend. Try a short combo concluding with a right (straight, overhand, etc.) and deliver a quick, explosive left kick across the lower abdomen.

Works for me, at least.

Happy hunting.
Good thread, i came on sherdog specifically for this tonight. I torn some muscle in my right arm a few months ago and am done with phys therapy that whole thing, but not yet able to lift with it or even close to useing the heavy b. So i have been really working on my kicks. This wasn't the first time ive worked them, just first time really seriously, and i found out fast that i wasn't as flexible as i thought. Stretch! I love liver kicks and the look on the other guysface when u give him one. But i know what you mean, it is kinda weird to fake with a right because even if it is jsut a feint tour body wieght and center of gravity changes making you a little off balance. Just find one solid techniique you feel comfortable with and start slow so your footwork is good then speed it up, and you will have a great "sleeper" weapon.