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Best American Athlete Championship Belt

Discussion in 'Sports Bar' started by Prime Ang, Aug 16, 2016.

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    May 29, 2015
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    "This has been a banner Olympics for the United States. Entering Tuesday's action, Team USA has won 14.4 percent of the gold medals awarded in Rio, which would be its highest percentage since the Los Angeles Games of 1984, and even that required a boycott by the Soviet Union, East Germany and several other countries. In addition to a few exciting surprises, the American athletes who were expected to star have delivered.
    In fact, the most difficult thing to do when thinking about the American performances in Rio might be figuring out who stood out the most. In her first Olympics, gymnast Simone Biles blew away the competition, winning the women's vault competition by such a large margin that the silver medalist was closer to eighth place than she was to Biles. Swimmer Katie Ledecky making her second trip to the Olympics, was so dominant in the 800-meter freestyle that she inspired memes. And of course, the legendary Michael Phelps finished his Olympic career by adding five gold medals to his record-setting career haul of 23."

    1912-13: Jim Thorpe, multiple

    1914-17: Ty Cobb, baseball
    1918-23: Babe Ruth, baseball
    1924-25: Red Grange, football
    1926-29: Babe Ruth, baseball
    1930: Bobby Jones, golf
    1931-32: Helene Madison, swimming
    1933: Carl Hubbell, baseball
    1934: Satchel Paige, baseball
    1935: Joe Louis, boxing

    1936: Jesse Owens, track and field
    1937-38: Joe Louis, boxing
    1939-40: Joe DiMaggio, baseball
    1941: Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams, baseball
    1942: Frank Sinkwich, college football
    1943: Patty Berg, golf
    1944: Frank Sinkwich, football
    1945: Byron Nelson, golf
    1946: Ted Williams, baseball
    1947-49: Jackie Robinson, baseball
    1950: Babe Didrikson Zaharias, golf

    .1951: Dick Savitt, tennis
    1952: Dick Button, figure skating
    1953: Ben Hogan, golf
    1954-55: Willie Mays, baseball
    1956-57: Mickey Mantle, baseball
    1958-59: Jim Brown, football
    1960: Wilt Chamberlain, basketball
    1961-62: Bill Russell, basketball
    1963: Sandy Koufax, baseball
    1964-66: Muhammad Ali, boxing
    1967-68: Wilt Chamberlain, basketball
    1969: Tom Seaver, baseball
    1970: Willis Reed, basketball
    1971: Joe Frazier, boxing
    1972: Mark Spitz, swimming
    1973: O.J. Simpson, football
    1974-75: Muhammad Ali, boxing
    1976: Bruce Jenner, decathlon
    1977-78: Steve Cauthen, horse racing
    1979: Earl Campbell, football
    1980: Eric Heiden, speedskating
    1981: John McEnroe, tennis
    1982-83: Herschel Walker, football
    1984: Carl Lewis, track and field
    1985: Bo Jackson, football
    1986: Lawrence Taylor, football
    1987: Magic Johnson, basketball
    1988-89: Mike Tyson, boxing
    1990: Joe Montana, football
    1991-93: Michael Jordan, basketball
    1994: Deion Sanders, baseball/football
    1995: Shaquille O'Neal, basketball
    1996: Tie between Michael Jordan, basketball, and Michael Johnson, track and field
    1997-98: Michael Jordan, basketball
    1999-2002: Tiger Woods, golf
    2003: Tim Duncan, basketball
    2004: Michael Phelps, swimming
    2005-06: Tiger Woods, golf
    2007: Randy Moss, football
    2008: Michael Phelps, swimming
    2009-10: LeBron James, basketball
    2011: Aaron Rodgers, football
    2012-13: LeBron James, basketball
    2014: Mike Trout, baseball
    2015: Serena Williams, tennis
    2016: Simone Biles, gymnastics, and Katie Ledecky, swimming
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    Lol at 2016

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