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Bert Sugar-- Legit or joke


The Captain
Feb 26, 2008
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I wanted to get your guys input on this. I read an article by Dave Meltzer that says while the public considers Bert Sugar a legit boxing expert/historian, people in boxing consider him a know nothing joke. Meltzer wrote with the caveat that the he doesn't consider himself a boxing expert ( he covers it, especially the ppv numbers and is a fan) but all the boxing experts and historians he uses for reference say Sugar is essentially not the real deal. Any thoughts?
He was the only one of three who correctly said Mason Dixon would beat Balboa, so he's got my vote.
He;s a better writer than fight picker , that's for sure.

I like Burt Sugar personally, he's a well respected historian (because his ass is so old, he actually SAW alot of what he writes about. )

Like Nat Flietscher before him, he can be a little sentimental towards old fighters.
He's forgot more about boxing than most of us currently know.