Bendo vs Rory - Who beat up Nate more badly?


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Feb 6, 2012
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WHo do you reckon had the more one sided victory between Bendo and Rory?
Bendo beat Nate pretty bad. The worst beating of his career.
Worse than Rory? In what way?

The fact that Rory did fuck all to Nate for the first two rounds and then just slammed him in the third.

Ben beat him up for 5 straight rounds, dropped him ground and pounded him, bruised his face up and injured his eyesight.
Both beatings were savage but Rory was alot bigger than Nate so the gold goes to Bendo.
Worse than Rory? In what way?

He dropped Diaz and shut down his striking game handily outlanding Diaz 124 to 30.

While the Rory fight was more competitive especially in the first and second round.
All people remember is the mat returns in the third.

Diaz vs Henderson was not competitive.
Rory won the fight. Bendo outclassed him, and make him look foolish at the same time.
Hit him with good ground and pound, where as Rory just slammed the crap out of him

Nate was humiliated in both fights because he had nothing for both guys but I think getting tossed like a rag doll is a bit more shameful.

I enjoyed both fights. I think both fighters displayed similar, but slightly different game plans that highlight their individual strengths. Nate didn't change his training and that's why he lost.
Rory didn't beat up Nate period.

if you watched both fights... Bendo, easily.
I'm positive that anyone who thinks those suplex gifs represent the fight as a whole have never actually seen it. Rory had a few slams at the end of a close fight that amounted to nothing, Bendo actually beat Nate up.
ive never seen nate take a beating and like it like he did against Bendo.