bendo by decision


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Jun 21, 2008
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both melendez and bendo are pretty good at winning decisions, and have had some good luck lately (bendo i thought lost to edgar in the second fight and a lot of people think thomson beat melendez in their last fight). this one is going the distance to.
benson by decision. who you got?
Melendez by being more well rounded and a stronger will/heart

Melendez by dominant decision or submission
i personally think bendo is going to win handily - not sure if he'll get the stoppage, but i expect him to do a lot of damage and put it on melendez
I agree, Bendo will put the beat down on Gil and dominate to a decision
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or some late stoppage, but Gil is tough
Bendo is gonna remind you all how small Gil is when he gives him an older brother style beatdown.
Whoever wins, it'll be by decision and the MMA hipster community will say that the loser won by decision and keep repeating it until it's consensus opinion and, therefore, no longer hip to say.
Bendo, all 5 rounds.

Melendez is good but I see him getting out-worked in every area for 25 minutes. However, Bendo getting a late stoppage via strikes wouldn't surprise me either.
Gil has got the wrestling, boxing, and cardio to make it very tough for Bendo.
Bendo will put a beating on him!

That's pretty much how I see it. Following will be a trip to FW for Gil, along with a pay cut.
I will be shocked if this fight is the least bit competitive.
However, I will step up big time to sing Gils praise if this is not the case and I am wrong.