Ben Henderson signs new 8 fight contract - sets precedent


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Jan 2, 2009
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Ben Henderson signed a new 8 fight contract with the UFC last night and from his tweets he's apparently very pleased:

Benson Henderson ‏@BensonHenderson
New deal done w/ @danawhite, @lorenzofertitta and @ufc, I'm a HAPPY man...thx to @malkikawa, @themmalawyer for staying late on this biz

Benson Henderson ‏@BensonHenderson
New 8-fight deal, keeps me reppin' these 3 lil letters, @UFC, I love it...

This comes just days after Ben found out about what Alvarez was offered by the UFC and took to Twitter to vent his frustration that Alvarez would be making more money than him. Ben Henderson has set a new precedent with fighters in the UFC where if you complain you're not being paid enough, and you do it publicly through social media or the media in general, and you can point to fighters who are making more than you when you're higher up than them, the UFC will be willing to renegotiate your contract. It's bad business for the UFC to have unhappy fighters, and Ben's example shows that the UFC will quickly renegotiate your contract if you complain publicly and have a valid argument for why you should be making more than you are. Good on you Ben for taking a stand

Here's another source for people who don't understand Twitter:
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he didnt complain tho. i just read all his tweets didnt look like complaining to me
He deserves. Good for him
Bendo certainly deserves it. Outside of Frankie, I can't see anyone seriously challenging him in the division, and Frankie isn't even there anymore
I honestly don't think many guys in the UFC deserve a top contract than Benson. Everything from his humble beginnings, to his attitude, his willingness to fight often, and his performances show me he really cares about representing the UFC. Hope he rakes in the money in 2013.
oh nevermind i never seen him tell somebody to go suck an egg he isnt in a good mood
...i take back everything i said
he deserves it tho i cant say that about of other guys in the ufc but he certainly earned his checks
That was the first time i seen ben swear on twitter he must have been pissed lol
He should be happy his contract details didn't get leaked out like Eddie's.
must be millions, just like every champ deserves
Hmm source? He didn't mention god or jesus or angels.

He saved that for Facebook:
"I'm very excited to let you guys know that Dana White & Lorenzo Fertitta aren't tired of me yet...proud to announce that I just signed my new contract which will keep me around for at least 8 more fights... This deal made me think long term & what it all means & what I'm here for...Am I really doing all this just to buy stuff & pay my bills??? Or do I have this platform/stage for something more??? I hope I can use these few years to really inspire, introduce, encourage & do some of His will...I hope I can do all this with my actions & not just my words...."
There should be a champion clause in all contracts that guarantees 200k/200k if the fighter wins the strap during the contract period. It could drop back down to the original contract salary if they lose the belt also.

Its ridiculous for a champion to make less than 100k a fight. Championship fights are important to the UFC's bottom line hence why almost every PPV card is headlined by a title fight. The champs pay should reflect this.