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Been A While

The Howl

Nov 23, 2007
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Hey guys, after a bad bad night I've decided it's time to stop letting myself get down with all the bullshit going on in my life and get back into shape and do what is most enjoyable to me: martial arts. Only problem is I haven't practiced in months because I'm up at school, and well it just doesn't sit financially with me, or with my work schedule, so I can just condition for them. I have access to a University rec with a track and can definitely workout 4-5 days out of the week. So let's begin!

Last time I tried to run was several weeks ago, could barely do a mile. I was seriously winded and had to walk immediately following the completion of it. Back in December before I took my long, fast food filled break, I was doing 2.5 miles 4 out of the 7 days with High Intensity Interval Training. What are some stamina drills that I could do to help me get back into some shape quickly? I am slowly but surely beginning to eat right again, but that is a topic for the other section.
My GOD!!! - how many more threads like this?!!!!
Read the FAQ or even just look around the other threads on this forum, there's tons of threads like this floating about.
Sorry to sound hostile dude but I promise you will find threads of a similar nature about.
The common answers to what you asked are things like tabata training (which is doing 20 secs of intense training, then 10 secs rest x 8) - typical exercises used are burpees or sprints, long distance running, hill sprints, interval training and many more.
And remember to read the FAQ thread at the top of the page, it's all there...
I already know the common answers, I have been in shape before, have done my homework on bodybuilding.com...but they don't seem to have the answers I'm looking for. I'm aware of HIIT and diet and what not, and I'm looking for more than just HIIT. I want to add on to it. I really wanna work on bags after it's all said and done, but none of the gyms here on campus have them.

Anywho, I'm definitely hitting the gym after my exam tomorrow to blow off the steam. Even if it is just running, at least its going through the motions.
Hmmm, not sure what else to say then really. You mentioned that you wanted things that would get you into shape fast and intense conditioning work like HIIT or interval training are usually what many advise, this is assuming you have the basic level of aerobic fitness already.

Heavy bag workouts are great. Why not adapt the tabata approach to that?, 20 secs hard on the bag, 10 secs off x 8, or even mix it up by alternating with the heavy bag 20 secs/rest 10 secs/burpees 20 secs/rest 10 secs x 4 etc, or instead of burpees maybe use the jump rope.

There are so many different options availiable if you just use your imagination a bit dude.
That's about all I have to offer, good luck.