Beaulieu Boxing Equipment

I simply said that we offer Paypal, Money order and Western Union payment options........Seems that some just love to spread negatives from a far. Muhammad and I work well together and have no problems toward one another.
BEAULIEU boxing equipment.You may know me by BILLBOXING. Have been involved in boxing and gloves for nearly 50 years now. My interest has always been providing a
quality product. I have been a historian of boxing gloves, their manufacture and those that chose this as their field of business. I've written histories on these people, having met them and learning glove making from Mr.Al Zimmer, the one time owner of SPARTAN boxing gear, Brooklyn,NY. I was associated with the late Dan Mosby who made the very popular "Old School" Flores hair filld gloves. We made gear till all of the tanneries in New England closed and we'd need to travel to NYC to purchase leather. A 500 mile round trip.






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some black and pinks might in 18oz might be intresting or some shoes.
Why would anyone go to Bill, who's nothing but a fricking middle man, when they can just go straight to Muhammad? That's pretty damn retarded! LOL!
Any pictures of the sole of the boot? It looks like the adidas box hog, but better construction.
Those blue velcro gloves are GORGEOUS. How much will they be and will they be available in the UK?
Add another person interested in the hook and loop availability and pricing.
Beaulieu Boxing Equipment

Bll Beaulieu
21 Whitehall Terrace
Hooksett, NH
USA 03106

We can provide to you for less.....Give us a try
We accept Certified checks, money orders, Paypal to Billboxing@aol

Write to me for info.....We can make your item.

Just curious, do you guys have gold color?
im realy digging the idea of black and pinks. but would like them to be hot pink
For those of you looking for shoes they're available And Shooto gloves are available too. Contact me at [email protected]
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