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Bcaa or whey or leucine?



Hey guys, ive been told mixed review about these 3 supplememnts. Which one should i order? on a different forum i heard ordering leucine and bcaa and taking them 2 together would benefit me the most but then others say whey and bcaa is the way to go... Which one's do you reccomend? My goal is to mainly lose fat and put on a bit of muscle, i just started the 20 squat routine and train muay thai once a week.
Also i would appreciate help on looking for a UK product which has the same benefits as green+?
Thanks a lot!
Start with whey. Add other supplements as you gain experience.
Thanks, i have been taking whey and now i want to add or swap supplements.
I'd say keep up the way and add in BCAAs. Check out the supplement thread for recommendations. My picks are Scivation's Xtend and/or Optimum Nutrition's BCAAs.
I get my BCAAs through Trueprotien.com, much cheaper and you get a lot more out of it.
Thanks guys again for the responses, they are helping. People who have said take all three (or 2 even), is there a pattern for taking them? like after workout? before workout? i thought leucine was the most important AA from bcaa, i wud save a bit of money if i bought leucine ratha then bcaa :p
Whey contains BCAAs. Leucine (l-leucine) is a BCAA.

Whey can/should be used to suuplement your daily protein intake, particularly PWO.

There are a bunch of studies that support the use of BCAAs for a myriad of benefits. I use instantized BCAA powder preWO, periWO, and PWO (in addition to whey).