Batsta's frst vctory n mma


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Dec 27, 2012
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I'm sorry I did not know is not associated with UFC :(
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Sorry but expect this to be moved as its not UFC related!

Just a little heads up there TS, to many threads in the wrong forum is dubbs worthy.
at 6:39 he snubs Joe on his hand shake hahahha..... Like that was a fucken joke, an athlete like dave got man handled by a fat fuck wanna know? cuz fighting takes skill...

Dave had no punches standing his Greko roman clinch was laughable and if that fat fuck of an opponent had any take down defense it would have been a long day for david batista.....

Go back to the WWE..... take lashley with you.. Kinda funny i never seen such hate after a fight.. fnny he was in wwe who fucken excels in trash talking hmmmm....


Dana you say this is not a gong show a sport so never sign him like u did Kimbo slice hahaha :rolleyes:
The best part was the guy waving to the crowd like a cocky prick then getting smashed on the ground.
I'm sorry I did not know is not associated with UFC :(

No worries Sir, just select "WorldWide MMA Discussion" as the forum and make the thread there, or keep this one going and it will either be moved there by a Moderator or in "Wasteland" forum.

Mods are usually quite lenient with new members, and will usually move it to the proper forum without any infractions added.
Sometimes these things happen in the Sherdog forums.

Yeah,I saw one of his fights,don't know how many he has! But good thing he's big cause he has zero striking ability,if it wasn't for his wrestling he wouldn't have been able to offer much for that fight.
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