basic weight gaining supplements? newbie questions


Mar 1, 2008
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hey guys, im fairly new to supplements in general. im about 6'0 and 140-145lbs and i workout fairly often, with atleast an hour a day, as well as train grappling a few days a week at my gym.

besides eating as much and as balanced as i can, and drinking alot of water, i drink a whey protein shake once in a while or drink a 'boost plus' ( Product Detail (BOOST Plus

Is the search button and the FAQ both broken?

Nope, I just checked, the FAQ works. Try reading it
bother to answer one of my questions?

not everything can be solved by comparisons
You haven't even skimmed through the FAQ, or you wouldn't have even asked most of your questions. Just to show you I'm not just being a dick, here's the links.

Read those and then ask if you have specific questions not already covered there.
The best time to drink the protein shake is right after your workout, some guys go as far as to drink it right after the last rep. You also need to replace the carbs you used after the workout.

A good multivitamin never hurts, creatine works but you can have side effects from it (myself and a few of my friends stopped taking it cause of them).

You should pretty much drink shakes to help your cal intake, as it is often hard to eat the 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight that is thought to be the correct amount for building muscle mass. You should also boost your carb intake, but you will have to play with that as it really depends on how many carbs your body uses in a day.

You will get a lot bigger much faster if you start lifting weights. To bulk up you want to use compound lift like the squat, deadlift, bench press and pretty much any olympic lift. For grappling you will need to work on your grip strength. You can either pay for one of the many grip strength devices on the market or you can simply make a slit in a tennis ball and squeeze that.

I have never been a fan of the sauna (mostly because there always seems to be fat, hairy naked men in there and that really isn't my thing) but it is good if you want to cut weight.

If you have any other questions you can PM me and I will answer them as best as I can.
basic weight gaining involves eating copious amounts of food

you may think you are eating alot, but i can assure you, at 6 feet and 140lbs, if you aren't gaining weight, you are not eating enough.

no supplement is gonna be better than eating straight up food, and lots of it, unless you take pills made of saturated fat and lots of them.

if you have problems gaining weight
instead of drinking a whey protein shake thats about 30g of protein, 200-300cal
how about you eat 12oz sirloin steak thats probably around 500cal and 70 grams of protein?

see how i magically changed a meal from 300 cal to 500 cal? plus its got way more protein.
Take some Cytogainer or Muscle Milk. It has helped me gain some weight since it has alot of calories in them. Take it with milk.
hmm. what would be a good all around green supplement to start off with?
hmm. what would be a good all around green supplement to start off with?

Some people round here take Greens+ which is some pretty good stuff. I myself take GNC's MAX Greens.
Most of the others have given you a place to start. I would add that you have to take in more calories that you burn which is obvious. If you are trying to gain weight, having sex with guys is probably burning a lot of calories and you need to replace those through proper diet.
If you are trying to gain weight, having sex with guys is probably burning a lot of calories and you need to replace those through proper diet.

thanks for the input -___- ..

another question: i've heard eating late at night (say passed 10:30 pm) isn't healthy and should be avoided, is there a reason for this? does eating late at night make my food stored as fat or is there virtually no difference?

also: what effects does smoking cannabis have on me physically and how can it effect my training? how about smoking pre/post workout?

i don't smoke ciggs, drink alchohol or soda and try to eat as healthy as possible, so i know smoking buds is next in line to quit in order to improve my health/lifestyle. although without the munchies, gaining weight will be a much harder task..

sorry for the wide spectrum of questions ^_^ and thanks to all
if you get a vaporizer it will be much healthier for your lungs, almost no downsides at all to it.