basic techniques you never use or aren't that good at?


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Jan 26, 2003
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armbar for me

don't use it that often even though it's such a bread and butter move.
Armbar from guard (I'm working on it though) and scissors sweep.
anything from spider guard or de la riva guard.
Kimura, I use it as a setup but have only finished someone with it a handfull of times.
kneebar... suck at it.
only get it when i am lucky.
fail to get the right angle.
Admit it. None of you use the scissors sweep.
No-one in my gym does the scissor sweep with any regularity except me. It's nearly always the first thing I attack with from guard.

I suck at rncs and collar chokes. I also have a bad habit of spending 5 minutes trying to reverse position when i'm on bottom instead of trying to regain guard.
Scissor and flower sweeps are my "go to" guard sweeps, actually. I rarely go for kimuras except from north/south because it can become a real struggle, I'll only fake them to get bump sweeps.
Kimuras, Americanas, Scissor sweeps and some stuff i forgot. I can't do some moves because im the smallest guy usually in class.
We don't call it scissor sweep but we do that too sometimes.
Any leg lock....apparently you have to protect your own legs while attempting them and well, I just ain't quick enough yet.
Aesopian said:
Admit it. None of you use the scissors sweep.
i swear to god i do. i'm a tiny guy i have to do it perfectly or i can't sweep shit.
Aesopian said:
Admit it. None of you use the scissors sweep.

i use it all the time.
i jump to it from the knees if someone is leaning to far a certain way.