Bas Ruttens workout

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Jun 2, 2007
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I recieved the cd cet as a gift and I am quite suprised at how fast I am blowing up. I grapple for 3 hours a day, weight train 4 to 5 days a week and do the tread for 30 minutes after every weight workout, but for some reason after 3 rds of 2 minutes my heart feels like its going to explode! and this is just from the boxing cd.

Could I be over training? or does my body just need to get used this new workout? has anyone used this program before?
There's already a lengthy thread on the subject, do a search for it. I personally haven't tried it yet
it gives me a good workout. he's also fun to listen to.
Maybe your body isn't used to the new workout yet. Good cd's though
You may be "tense" and not used to the verbal calls. I used to gas out pretty quick doing it. I now find it very easy except for the All Around Fighting.
In your training you didnt mention you do striking. Striking is not the same as running, weights or grappling and don't use the same muscles in the same manner.