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Bas Rutten Big Books Question

I used to have the 2 books and cds.

The audio cds provide the commentary, some detail and rationale for each technique in the books, + anecdotes and funny zingers inbetween sometimes. He narrates in linear fashion, directly correlative to the books, which is useful because most people start a book using the left to right format ;). There are 6 audio cds, ad you can always skip around or change cds if you really want, like you can in the 2 books

Having the audio CD's is important IMO, because the books are mostly pictures (because there's a fricken lot of pics) with very little text/explaination and the audio cds provide the much needed detail.
If you get the books, I'd recommend the CDs as well. There's some stuff on the CDs that's missing from the photos in the books
You know, honestly, if I were you, I'd drop the extra 25 bucks and get the DVDs. I loved the Big Books, don't get me wrong, but the DVDs are way easier to learn from, IMO. The DVDs are a little bit different, but I think they show a little more than the Big Books in some areas. For example, I think the takedowns are much better on the DVDs. Also, the Big Books came out I think around the time it was still the "old" UFC. Either that, or Bas still wanted to teach moves that were more NHB-oriented, rather than the newer MMA. He shows moves that would be legal in just Pride, or just UFC, but then there are some moves (mostly ground striking) that wouldn't be legal in any organization. I think that's more for self-defense.

Also, the DVDs have a ring strategy section, which the Books lacked. The books spent a lot of time on combinations and counter combinations to use in sparring. That's okay, I guess, but I mean, if you have access to a heavy bag, a sparring partner, or even a mirror, you can make up your own combinations, and see if they work in sparring. Or watch a boxing/kickboxing match and write down the KO combo. The DVDs didn't waste time on this; instead Bas showed lots of "tricks" to use in sparring, and an entire section on ring strategy.

Just my advice.