bare knuckle muay thai

AutoFire said:
New bare knuckle muay thai seminar DVD out with col amnat from thailand. Purchased it and will let you know if its any good. I trained a bit in it in thailand as well as in yangon and I like it in addition to my standard muay thai practice.

Looks interesting. Kind of expensive in comparison to a regular old DVD but I guess instructionals usually are. I'd be interested in seeing the difference in conditioning, technique, and strategy versus gloved, ring muay thai. Conditioning and preserving your hands must get more emphasis. Gotta be a little like Shidokan only with punches to the face and elbows, and clinching....

I've also heard of (recent) vale tudo matches in Thailand and I've seen DVDs for that...Wonder if those are bareknuckle or mma glove?
I'm very curious, is it like MTB or vice versa, depending on which came first.
Yea Kit Cope. He is not too good in mma, but I have seen some vids of this guy in bareknuckle MT, and dang is he good.
The mma tourny in thailand was with the NHB glove at least the one tournament i went to.