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bar fight last night lol


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Jun 16, 2007
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so my friends at the bar and starts a fight with dudes that are all 3 times his size.. hes a little spanish kid lol. so i back him up and im BOMBED, completely wasted. All of a sudden i get blind sighted from his friend, didnt realize i got hit til about 10 seconds later, than i didnt know who hit me because i was so drunk and didnt even see his fist coming at me. so im tryin to get him, its like 3v3 lol and i swing, not even thinking about my training.. and ther correct way to fight, miss with a haymaker by 10 feet and fall on my ass, than get kicked in the head lol.. i feel patehtic lol
You are!

not so much for drinking, but for getting in a bar fight (a crime) then talking about it on the internet!!!
let this be a lesson to all the internet tough guys.

but kudos for having balls enough to post about getting your ass kicked.

why the kid have to be Spanish...? and little..?
i thought grappling was gonna be involved somehow.

save posts like these for your livejournal.
wow i thought this story would go the way of Marlon Sims which you KOing like 15 guys. :)
ha ha, I've done amateur MMA for 3 years. I got my ass handed to me in a bar fight last year- a guy was hitting on my girl, shamelessly, I told him to stop, he bowed up, shoved me. I tried to walk away, he does it again, then swings. I ducked the punch, and he rushes me. I tie up with him, fall on some steps, and a table falls on us. I get pinned between him and the table, he lands some shots, I'm covering up, but just got stuck in the table/steps/guy on top of both!!

No shame. I train in a sport, not to go to bars. In a cage, I'd have destroyed the guy. Or if the dang table and steps weren't there!! Oh, well, he went to jai.
Haha. So do you have a black eye or bumps on your head? I haven't been in a fight since high school. I've seen some crazy fights at bars and clubs. One dude got a chair busted on his head and I've seen some fools get their head stomped. Those were crazy nights.
ehh the 2 punches and kicks didnt even hurt really. i got a fat lip somehow and a yellowish cheeckbone/eye, only thing that hurts is my damn shoulder, i missed so bad on my punch i popped it out rofl
Props to you for admitting that, but since this is in grappling and you were hammered I was expecting you to have finished it with a a flying arm bar or something crazy lol
video or it didn't - o nvm i wouldnt want to watch it anywy
You are!

not so much for drinking, but for getting in a bar fight (a crime) then talking about it on the internet!!!

Well, I know who I'd pick to have as a friend between you and the threadstarter. At least he'd back me up in a fight.
yeah i know what its like to get beat up when your shit-faced, not so fun espically cause when it happens its not so bad and you dont really feel anything but then the next day you look and fell like crap