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Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by kidRiot, Oct 3, 2013.

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    So recently I've been using my Fairtex BVG5s. Although I have made multiple negative comments regarding, they have really grown on me. But my current bag gloves (14 oz. Top Kings) are pretty much kaput. They're torn in multiple places, and the padding has become close to rock solid. The protection is gone and I can really feel it.

    So, I ordered a pair of 16oz R2C, but am returning them because I think it would be better to have either: actual bag gloves, or a pair of 12oz dedicated for bag work...

    What would yal suggest? I've talked to some people about bag gloves, and they like them (though I haven't seen anyone, not one soul, use a pair of bag gloves). People have said they will allow you to create a fighter fist, and over time, that leads to a more powerful punch. But a pair of 12oz would also be nice, so I can use them in classes.

    Right now I use my BVG5s for class/sparring (Dutch Kickboxing), and we always have a light sparring session.
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    I thought the BGV5 was AWFUL!

    Which R2C gloves did you buy?

    12oz gloves are great for bag/mitt work, the R2C 16oz would be awesome for sparring imo especially if the deluxe MiM model.

    Ill shoot you a PM

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