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After all that macho billing it just ends up like when someone throws a beach ball at an arena concert.
As a precaution all stores and shops board up their windows and all cars are parked miles away.

Sounds like my kind of party.
I'm surprised no one brings "additional" balls.
Looks fun.
I'd be the guy just standing there watching and the ball would land right in my hands and I'd get a Frank Burns look and try to throw it to somebody real quick but end up getting tackled by 4 Baruts, 2 Lussts, 2 Finnegans, and then fondled by 1 Zop when under the pile.
Looks fun...kinda.
i think ill add that game to my list of life goals
Yeah, fuck teams, just start drilling people into the pavement. I want in.
*wipes away tear*

'for the sake of Auld Lang Syne'
Bombardment was my favorite game in jr, high gym class.
I was a big dodge ball fan, but you have to use those red suicide-playground balls that leave a lined pattern on your face if you get hit with it.
Looks preety neat - I was kind of expecting something similar to Native Americans original "LaCrosse" games..., but I guess that would be frowned upon now a days, even to these people.
Does that count as murder? Technically, it would be suicide right? That's clean...
XT, where the fuck is your av?