avatar!?!? just turned orange belt.



i just turned orange and i want a fricken avatar!! but its not showing up. please help.
It sometimes takes a few hours after your 250th post for the Edit Avatar option to show up in your User CP.

You could also try logging out and logging back in again. That sometimes works also.
You also need to make a few more posts. Your post count has just gone down to 248. (Probably some threads that you made posts in have been wastelanded or something).
No orange now that he's been banned.
Several people I've tried to help in this section have been banned shortly afterwards. I'm worried that I'm having a bad influence on them. lol.
I am also trying the same at the moment..

Hopefully you will see theis post with a new Display Pic
Just got my orange belt....
Hopefully I can get my Avatar up and running...:D
.....ohh, and not get Banned....:redface: