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Jan 26, 2007
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Big fan of the programs you've got here. Just wondering if you guys could try and get Ken Shamrock back for an interview. He hasn't said anything since his loss and fans of his (myself included) would like to know what's up with him right now.

Thanks a lot.
You've been here for a while - there is a SRN thread in the Wasteland, and in P&M there's a "submit questions". The best way is to probably e-mail TJ at [email protected] about radio programming.
Thanks for that email link. I figured Sherwood is active on this site and would see this, since he's the boss.
Sherwood has said he checks the forums once in a while, but not all that often. But TJ is the program director, the guy that hosts ask to set up interviews with - so he's the most likely candidate.
TJ earns his keep - he's always been known as "programming director of the SRN". Plus a couple of times he's mentioned about getting guys on, and contacting them