Attn: PR for Graedy

I'd be down... that video is on my favorites on youtube ;D good shit
make another video of pr's? where do you want the videos to be sent?
Sure. I'll try to emphasize quality rather than quantity this time.:icon_chee
I don't think so. I'm pretty sure I remember that thread and I've only been here 9 months.

You probably remember the thread re: Graedy's recovery, and/or the thread on the compilation PR video Bubbles put together.
Wow, I remember that thread was on the front page almost the entire time when I first came here. I never opened it because it was too long and I didn't know what the fuck a Graedy was :D

I would be down for that, I want a squat PR. I would wait to pull 500 but I don't know how much longer I can wait for that.
Who's graedy? Is he that kid that was born without a butthole?
I'm down. In july I'm going to be trying a couple personal bests, so hopefully something will be good enough to contribute.
If I can get video footage of me NOT getting penalized in a soccer game, would that count?

My current average is 2 per game.
RIP Graedy's butthole.

PPS. RIP as in Rest In Peace, not Rip as in forcefully expand beyond elastic limit.
I've got a push/pull meet on July 26, so hopefully some geared prs will be set.
I had back surgery 2 months ago, but I'm hoping for a 430 bench and a 575ish dead.

Pulled 505 in the gym 2 weeks ago raw no belt and benched 315 for the first time in a while.