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Attn: Kid McCoy


Brown Belt
May 12, 2006
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I expect an epic thread, starting immediately, to welcome your new black belt. Thank you.
Congrats, here is a pic that to me best says Kid McCoy

I have 1,000 ebucks that say his post will be an instant sticky.
If only they gave belts per words posted, Kid would have the supder titanium belt.
for all the massive, in-depth posts Kid has made, he can afford to stop posting for a while. One of his posts usually is worth more than 10 or so of mine.
I picture kid mccoy in a mountain top retreat, surrounded by reams of lost tomes on all fighting sports, many never seen or heard from by us less informed individuals, as kid absentmindedly opens up a random encyclopedia of pugilistic knowledge, he remembers his friends at sherdog so he fires up the state of the art computer and his vocabulary to give us a nugget of wisdom that weeks later I'll still be trying to detect all the nuances to his words of ethereal knowledge.

or he could just pull it off the top of his head like I do.
Yeah, maybe that big know-it-all Kid McCoy just makes up all these so-called "facts", statistics, names, and dates right off the top of his head, any of you ever think about THAT, huh, huh?!!

Could be McCoy's just a GREAT fiction-writer figuring nobody here's interested enough to actually put in the work of VERIFYING his stories. It could be, it could be.

In all seriousness, a toast to Kid McCoy: a fountain of combat-sports knowledge, a teacher with a good splash of humor thrown in, along with a mischievous desire to troll and use his powers for less-noble purposes at times (which are funny as all get out).... :D
ummm...did Kid leave us? Because if he's taking this much time to leave the big post then its going to blow the roof off this place.