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ATTN: Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear


Sep 10, 2002
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Hi guys,

Sorry I couldn't find your nickname out on the forum so...

I just wanna ask you what is up with the order #4705 since you've never reply to my e-mail.

Thank you
Um, why not call them on the phone and ask them? They supply the number on the website. I have ordered a few times from them and they are always super cool on the phone and delivery and product is always perfect! Jiujitsuprogear.com is on of the better company's out there.
naskwon14g said:
Do they use to reply to e-mails?
I dont know, because I called. What is your problem with calling them? Are you afraid to talk?
Call them, they seem to be pretty good to me.
My english speaking is not awesome and I don't understand why I have to make an international phone call since I'm a customer and they don't answer my mails.