ATTENTION GOLDIE (Mike Goldberg Appreciation Thread)


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Apr 8, 2003
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Goldie has been taking a lot of flak on the forums lately (even moreso than usual), so I thought I'd try and balance things out and make an appreciation thread in case he ever checks out these forums. I admit that in the past I was a hater, but I also have to admit that the man grew on me and that his occasional malapropisms just make the UFC more enjoyable and fun to watch.

So, for those of you who are with me, let's show Goldie some love heading into 2013.

Haters, please move onto the next thread :)
I am one of the few people who actually enjoys Goldberg, goof ups and all. He makes a good straight man to set up Joe. The announce team isn't the same without him.
Goldie's part of the UFC big fight experience...good, bad and ugly

It's not the same without him
Goldie is not that bad. He's a good commentator, even tho he states the obvious and makes mistakes and is kinda stupid but he's a whole lot better than that d bag Anik
Im with you, his enthusiasm and partnership with Rogan is enough for me, i just feel like the card is more complete when them two are commentating, everything just feels nice and familiar.
I know he makes a few blobs here and there but i like the guy.
I really missed Goldie this past weekend. Anik didn't do it for me, and Joe stumbled a few times trying to converse with Anik. Maybe a few more times, and they'll be able to mesh, but didn't do that this time around.
Best Goldie moment was his joke when Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller was in the octagon together.

I thought I was the only one to see the resemblance....
I hope Goldie comes back better than ever...It's a thankless job and if you've ever commented or had to narrate anything, I think more people would understand how hard it is.

I (used to) narrate training videos as one of my duties in my career and the amount of mulligans and do-overs on pre-recorded stuff I had to do surprised me at when I imagine doing it live I have a new appreciation for what all announcers do. Still hate the Voice though lol!
Signed. Goldie may not be perfect, but he is genuine with his excitement. The fights don't feel the same without him.

Get back soon Goldie!!
He's bad at his job in the so bad he's good way.

He's the voice of the UFC.
hope he comes back. he is a bigger part of the great commentating than people think. even the people that don't like him will feel somewhat of a hole without him.
Yeah, Goldberg is great. He's like the polar opposite of Rogan - ie., their personalities balance each other out. And he's actually quite knowledgable (he's been doing this for a long time now). Unfortunately his role is to set up Joe and allow him to analyze the heck out of the game. He offers tidbits but he has to usually pass it over to the expert by virtue of his position/role.

Hopefully he comes back and this was just a wee reprieve!