Att: fighter's wife

Our juno kicks us off. Art is training hard and fights Oct.19 possibliy for the 185blt. Sometimes at logs in under my log in name.
Why isn't he fighting Tony Galindo and noew fighting some other guy?

Will he be waring a brand new zoot suit for his entrance?
yes it'll be yellow but i've got to buy it first. i don't know why tony and i arn't fighting i think he want a win for his first fight back?
That is the word we are hearing! I guess we will see! It would be the 185 belt.
Awesome. I hope you kick some arse.

Don't forget your Anti brothers when you make the big time.

Do you know if there are any websites that have a live webcast of the event?
That's great man!!! I read you were going to fight Tom Kenney, but this is much better!! I hope you will be able to win this belt. That would be awesome. Still, I think you must wear a red zoot suit....... :D
Art. That means that you are trimed down. Are you buff stuff now?

I thought it was agaisnt Jo son's training to not come out with some chub?
They better let Art fight in November on the PPV so that I can finally see him at work.
Well, what can I say Art is a hotty! He has slimmed down big time. All the guys at the gym and dan(henderson) are telling him how skinny he looks. His arms are the biggest they have ever been. We call them his guns. He is looking great. He is trying to get a yellow zoot suit. We will see if he gets it in time. He is working so hard! We all can't wait for him to get on ppv. It will be so great. I will beable to stop making copies of the tapes for everyone and loaning them out all the time.
How could you guess!!!! Art will be home soon. He loves to mess with you guys. If he was home more he would talk with you all more. He loves his new job. Better pay and out of the office.
At least it is better pay. Longer hours too huh?

Is it with the same people he was with before?

Did we really get him in trouble
? If we did sorry.
Alot better pay. I have a maid now!!! I am loving the income but, of course I miss him. Hopefully in a few years he will be a fulltime fighter and will not have to work that many hours. That is what he and I are hoping for.
Well I hope so to. Then Art will have enough money and fly me out there to watch him fight like he promised.:p

I changed my sig for him.

Also check the "TTT this everydday" thread.

Give Art a big hug from me.

Fighters need to held too.
Hound go to the trhead I made. Now you fecker