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As seen here:

Former Pride champion, Wanderlei Silva is counting with a first class team to win his next compromise at UFC, which happens at next May 24th against Keith Jardine at edition 84 of the event.
Well, while I'll miss him rolling, good to see he's wanting to make some money, and this link actually hints at a fight.

Thank you man.
Nice, I think Dream 2 will be on HDnet, so I might get to see.
Most of the top guys are backing away from bjj comps to take up MMA - the big names are fading away from gi to focus more on MMA. Most of them have conquered the titles multiple times - they need a new challenge, and more money.

Jacare, Marcelo garcia, Roger Gracie, Pe De Pano.

The guys that were right behind them will be the new names in BJJ.

Andre Galvao for one is training with that team as well for MMA, but he is still active with the Big BJJ tournaments.
Here is a part of the interview with Drysdale where he talks about jacare

Graciemag : Have you had the opportunity to train any submission or MMA sparring with Couture? How is he technically?

Drysdale : I still have not trained on the ground with him. But he will be doing a submission match with Olympic champion wrestler Kurt Angle. Couture has told me he wants me to help him prepare for the match. In MMA we have trained striking and clinch. In the clinch he is unbeatable, you cannot move.

Graciemag : Talk a little about Jacare comming to your team (Xtreme Couture)

Drysdale : Jacare is very focused for MMA right now. The training couldn't be better. Now, if he will stay to represent the team, I don't know, depends on him

Graciemag : Do you think Jacare can add to the team, and vice-versa?

Drysdale : No doubt about it. Everybody will benefit with the partnership. When I came here, I was a little worried about not having partners for Jiu-Jitsu training, but me, Andre (Galvao), Jacare and Wand made a deal to train JiuJitsu together, including with the gi. There will be an exchanging of experiences and information between all of us, that way, we all will gain technique and maintain our ground game sharpened. Not to mention we are already doing our physical preperation with Alejarra (The "snorkel" guy) who is keeping everybody with very good preparation.

Graciemag : What are your impressions of JJ and MMA over there?

Drysdale : Here the training is very hard. The rythm is accelerated and even Jacare got tired (laughs). Everyday at 4 o'clock the MMA training begins, and then things get wild. Everything with a lot of intensity. In the first week here I could hardly end my trainings, I would be all week with very sore ankles. Now I am feeling better. It is incredible how MMA and JiuJitsu are achieving very high standards of physical, mental and technical skills. JJ and MMA are no longer hobbies and are elite athlete sports.

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