Armbar injury

Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by genjix, May 31, 2008.

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    Before you tell me, I'm definitely going to see a doctor but just wanted to run this past everyone here for advice.

    Basically ~50 days ago I got caught in an armbar and didn't submit because I thought I could get out. There was a loud crunching sound and immediately the other guy released me (because of the sound), but I had no pain and carried on training.

    Afterwards the pain was intense, so I rested it for the rest of the week and went back on the following Monday... Fine, but the next day just a simple exercise in warm-up (reaching out to grab my partners Gi) suddenly caused sharp pain.

    I went immediately to emergency of the hospital and they told me I've probably just sprained it (stop being a pussy). Then during the next days I had to go travelling for 50 days and had no chance to see a doctor.

    Now whenever I do something strenuous on my arm like chinups it aches... Is it just a stretched ligament or could I have cracked the bone? shit.

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