Are wrestling tapes at all effective


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Jan 12, 2005
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Okay so I just recently got into MMA and now I just wanna kick myself for not joining my HS wrestling team, season just closed. I was wondering if any of the wrestling tips tapes which you see advertised(Tito Ortiz, Kurt Angle guide to amateur wrestling stuff) are the least bit effective for a physically fit beginner. If so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanx a lot
of course they are. Just like u said when you do a search get the beginner stuff. basic single and doubel leg stuff.
Make sure the tapes mantion setups because thats just as important as the actaul takedown technique.

I have some OLD tapes from Carl adams that were good.
Ya, they are still gonna help you man, even if you dont haev apartner or wahtever
Getting more information about anything is always helpful.

Of course, you'll need to practice it with someone eventually, it's good to research and learn more about wrestling.