Are there any fighters that you would classify as being punch drunk?


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Mar 26, 2010
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I was watching a video of a Don Frye interview that was dated a little while back and it seemed as though Don was either drunk or punch drunk which is very possible after the beating he took from James Thompson back in the Pride days... Are there any fighters that you guys have noticed a change in throughout the years due to being punched one too many times?
Big Nog and Leben. Both show symptoms of the zombie mode from time to time.
Not quite yet, as the sport is still youngish and I don't really watch the older guys interviews.

Certainly seems much less likely than in NFL / Boxing, but of course, guys like Chuck, Wand, Shogun, Big Country are probably going to have a little trouble.

Actually, Chuck to me (I didn't see him speak much in his prime) seems a bit 'dulled' by battle.
chuck, wandy looks and speaks different now, more slurred


You tell me...
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Big Nog and Leben. Both show symptoms of the zombie mode from time to time.

Nog is actually younger than Anderson but looks a lot more battle-scarred. Some of the beatings he's taken make me wonder if he'll be coherent in ~ 20 yrs.

As for Leben, I'd think substance abuse has more to do with his issues.
Chuck :/
maybe cro cop.
I could see nog having some problems in the future, he looks extremely old for his age
Wand and chuck (although chuck was probably just drunk I think) don Frye isn't punch drunk he is just opinionated and borderline senile and his raspy voice doesn't help his case.

And yeah Gary Goodridge is for sure punch Drunk.

I don't think big nog is tho I think he still struggles with English and is just battle scarred.
Forrest is extremely slurry now, even though he seems fairly clear headed.
Peter Aerts is pretty bad all around.
Chuck was the number 1 contender in that first gif.

He won the belt at the very next UFC event.

Wand and Nog have battle scars, but they are still all there.
Goodridge fought in K1 boxing not just mma guy voids ts question
Fedor rarely speaks in a significant amount, do you think he might be?
I think GSP is punch drunk........what was that about riddum george? and he puts and s on the end of his name georgeS .Punch drunk fo sho!