Are thai pads supposed to hurt to kick when you first get them?


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Jan 26, 2003
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My brother and I bought some KOFIGHTGEAR thai pads and boy do they seem awfully hard. We normally use broken in Fairtex pads and they are fine, but these hurt. I was just wondering for thai pads if they normally hurt when you first buy them, and if you need to break them in.

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I didn't get a great brand name but the thai pads I have don't hurt at all to kick. I don't think that's normal.
Hmm.. I don't think most pads are supposed to hurt when you hit them. Go to your gym and ask your instructor or ask one of your buds to check the pads out.
maybe your shins need some more hardening? No offense or anything, but when our new guys kick thai pads they say it hurts on their shins. where is it hurting?
Oh yeah when I bought Thai pads for my own use I felt that they slapped a little bit more than my broken in ones, but its nothing a weeks worth of kicking won't fix.
i have a pair of fairtex shin pads.. the old ones. and they hurt my instep more then anything else... ide rather kick bare shin
you just gotta break them in. most of the time people use the pads that are broken in already in the gym. the cheap ones that don't hurt when you first use them tend to bend all funny later when you use it a lot
new thai pads should hurt like kicking a brick for about a month..... that is normal.
speaking of Thai pads....I better purchase some new ones.
Good new pads do hurt until they break in a bit. The cheap ones don't but then again they hurt like hell to hold when someone kicks them.
Yeah, cheap pads it's almost like getting kicked normally, sometimes worse.
I never got pain with my thai pads when they were new, but my gym has an older punching bag I do kicks on if the two thai bags are in use and that does hurt if you "Cro Cop" it.