Are burpees more for strength and power, or cardio?

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They're the cornerstone of Andy Bolton's training.
do one hundred of them and then tell everybody the answer
I cannot believe someone asked this question. Do you understand what strength and power are smileyman? Thank your Allah for cute kittens.
JPC, did I ever ask you to insult my religion you trailer park trash. Thank your jesus on a stick, the fake jesus not the true Jesus Prophet peace upon him.
I'm not a Christian. Why would you assume so? The house I own is made of wood and brick. That's strike 2. I'm also not Jew if that is your next logical assumption. And how did I insult your religion? Does Allah not like kittens? I simply advised you to thank him for the kittens, otherwise I would have been even more dissapointed in this thread. See that wasn't an attack on Allah, but an insult to you. Don't hide behind Allah. I got no beef with him. I want to know what you think strength and power are. I'm trying to help you with your question. Humor me and you could walk away from this enlightened.
its ok, I know I was being a smart ass. Now seriously, lets examine strength and power.
Strength is about force right? Power is the rate of force development, or how fast you can reach peak force. Does that sound like what happens in a burpee?
Not open for further replies.