Aqua Chi detoxing? Shoot or work?


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Aug 21, 2005
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So, my mother seems to be proclaiming miracles due to this aqua chi detoxing device. Essentially, you put your feet in salty hot water with this ****l 'ionizer' thingy and it pulls chemicals from your body, out of your feet.

Is this legit? i did one myself and noticed a lot of, what they would call, "yeast" and "joint detoxation." i do have joint issues....

But i'm super skeptic and was wondering if anyone has heard of this and know anything. i did some research and some debunking arguments point to the salts corroding the ****l ionizer, which gives the effect of "detoxing materials" which show up in the water. Essentially, a possible fraud?

Thanks peeps.
I checked out this aqua chi farce. The electricity going into the ****l rings oxidize and the colors you see are impurities in the ****l rings. Run the machine without anyones feet in it and the same scum and color changes still occur. When you soak your feet in hot water your pores open up and all the heavy ****ls floating around in the hot water can be absorbed into your feet. Not healthy but harmful!