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Anyone train at Purebred Thailand before?

Yea, it did. i just got in contact with someone that's been there. Seems to be a real hardcore camp. Kid Yamamoto, John Wayne Parr, GORI and other pros train there before fights
pink butterfly,

where in thailand is this camp? do they teach mma also? thanks.
LOL, I forgot to ask the guy but the # for the gym is 66-81-773-0049 and it's a 30-45 minute drive from Bangkok. You may want to PM Enson for the location.
Trying to find some current info on this place...

This article says the original gym was shut down and new one was built...
report sangtiennoi gym

Review of new gym, Baan Muay Thai:
Orange County Muay Thai – from OC Kickboxing in Irvine OC Muay Thai Baan Muay Thai Bangkok

Commercial video of new gym:
YouTube - BaanMuayThaiBoxingSchool

Some pad training video:
YouTube - Baan Muay Thai Dam holding pads

Is this Purebred Thailand? In Enson's blog, he mentioned that the gym was being built back in 08' and would be finished in 09' ( ??????? ), so I assume it is... wondering what kind of MMA training they have there...

a fight at the stadium:
YouTube - ???03 Saengtienoi Sor Roungroj Vs Ramon Dekker
YouTube - ???????????????1